The house is sold, now what?

The house is sold, now what?

By: Rhonda Hamel, B.A.

The house is sold, now what?

Tags: The house is sold, now what?


Well, now it’s really time to get organized and packed.  You are most likely halfway there if you prepped and staged your home.  A few simple tips and tricks will get you to the finish line.

Make a list of what needs to be done. Time will move quickly and moving day will arrive faster than you think!

Moving is chaotic and even the most organized, can misplace items.  Have a go to spot in your home so that no matter how disorganized you feel, you know that certain items can be located.  These can include your keys, medications, valuables, your home and legal documents, passports, bills and anything else that you may need on a day to day basis.  A couple of baskets and a Rubbermaid tote will prevent the panic you feel when you need something and can’t find it.  In fact, this can work in every room right up until the day you move.

For kids, a container in their room can hold their favourite toys, homework, back pack and anything else they use regularly.  This will help to lessen the stress for them and also come in really handy on the day of moving.  The morning of the move, add a change of clothes, shoes, pj’s, put a lid on it and you are all set for the end of the day at your new home when everyone is tired and not sure where things are.

Create a moving tool kit.  Again, a basket, even from the dollar store is a perfect option to hold your scissors, packing tape, labels and markers. No matter what stage you are at or what room you are in, these items will be right there and always in the same place.

Pack one room at a time.  This will also help to minimize stress.  The task to pack will not be so overwhelming and as each room is done you will more accomplished.

Moving boxes and packing paper can be an expense that seems wasteful, but they will be a good investment.  These boxes and paper are clean, designed to hold the weight of your items and can actually make the packing easier.  Labelling the top and sides of the boxes with contents and the room they are from will allow you to know what’s in them and where to put them on the day of moving.  If you want to go one step further number the box and keep a running list of what each box number holds. This can be a life saver if you have to put your home contents in storage for a while. Finding a number is certainly easier than reading each box for its contents.

Also remember that if you are having a moving company help on the big day that hazardous materials, paint cans and cleaning materials should be set aside.  Always check with the moving company’s protocol on dealing with these items.

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