Moving with Kids is Easy

Moving with Kids is Easy

By: Rhonda Hamel, B.A.

Moving with Kids is Easy

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Ya, right!  Think again.

From personal experience to watching my clients move with children, I can tell you it is definitely not easy.

Preparation and planning are key: every step of your move.  From the moment you decide to make a move to the moment you move into your new home the challenges are never ending.

Just think about your own uneasiness and stress about moving.  Now think of it from your child’s perspective.  Everything they know is changing and not just when they move, but before, during and after.  Before is the disruption to routine, the disorganization as everyday consistencies are now removed or reorganized. During, is the uncertainty of time, the lack of routine and the chaos that is at an all- time high while the home is on the market. And after, is when they find themselves in their new home that is strange without the comfort of what was home until new routines and habits are formed.

Depending on the age of the child, communication is key.  Sitting down and explaining in the simplest terms that you are moving and letting the children ask questions is a very important step. Giving the children responsibilities, encouraging participation in the process and allowing them to make choices, will go a long way to a smooth transition.

For a young child, keeping consistent routines like meals, bath-time and bedtime to even creating an area where they can still have their comfort pieces i.e./ a backpack with their go to toys, blanket and books will help to minimize their fears of the unknown.  For older kids, it’s having a say in what they keep or discard as the home is prepared for sale and what they will be taking with them to their new home. Involving them in decisions that directly affect them will also help to minimize push back when their own anxiety and stress grows.  Involving them in the process of finding a home and letting them pick out their future room, will also allow them in their own minds to think about what “home” will be for them when the move takes place.  Even choosing paint colours and how they will decorate their new rooms can be fun for all ages.  Excitement and anticipation will definitely outweigh sadness and fear.

And again, depending on age, having the kids as part of the moving day can be a good thing.  Simple tasks can help them feel part of the process.  For really little ones, planning for them to be off site during the actual move is probably for the best.  It will allow you time to get their rooms set up and the ability to create a set up and space consistent with the home they just left. Moving with kids won’t be easy, but with a little planning it can be relatively smooth. Kids for the most part are fairly resilient, but change for anyone is hard and being cognizant of their concerns and fears no matter how little or big they are will go a long way to a successful move.

Including kids is definitely something I personally encourage.  They are not a bother and can actually make the experience a lot of fun.  I look forward to helping you and your family.

Taking Care Every Step of Your Move.


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