Express yourself

Express yourself

By: Rhonda Hamel, B.A.

Express yourself

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The Other Side is Not Playing Games.

When an offer is made on a home, we do it based on dollars, closing dates and conditions pertaining to what works for each individual client. The offer has standard clauses and conditions and then additional terms are added to fulfill other requirements pertaining to other information that needs to be determined about the home in order to move forward with a firm purchase or sale respectively.

The meeting of the minds and meeting the terms and conditions of the agreement is like a dance.  One party makes an offer, the other reviews, accepts or signs back with different terms.  Each party has different needs based on their own personal situation.  The biggest is usually the dollars, followed by closing dates, inclusions, exclusions and the particulars depending on the property and home itself.

The signing process can go very smoothly or it can be a like a roller coaster ride.  Emotions run high at times, but generally each party can find a mutual understanding and agree to the terms.  At times throughout the process and on many occasions, I have seen clients get upset and feel like the other party is playing games.  This, for the most part, is the farthest thing from the truth.  Selling and buying is emotional.  It becomes very subjective when in actuality it needs to be objectively dealt with.  Yes, it is hard to compartmentalize the emotion, but many times what is missed is that the other party has their own needs and must take these into account in order to make a decision.   Each Realtor®, when representing their client, is working hard to bring all the facts to the table and is working towards finding a mutually beneficial outcome for everyone.  The best negotiations are when each party is mutually respectful, gives the other party time to think through the process without pressure and a Realtor® who is working on their behalf with their best interests at heart.

Navigating the terms and conditions of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale are not games but rather one’s way of expressing themselves in the negotiations of the contract.

Looking for an experienced negotiator, who is objective and working in your best interest? Contact me today.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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