About me

Rhonda Hamel, B.A.

Sales Representative

From an early age I always dreamt of having a home where I could spread out and enjoy my own space. Growing up we lived in a very small home of approx. 500 sq. ft with 2 bedrooms and 5 people. In my little girlish mind, I dreamt of a palace to call home. As a result of those humble beginnings, it shaped how I view home and the meaning it holds for me. While I never got my palace, I did eventually get my own bedroom and washroom! After my school days, I ended up working in the corporate world as an executive assistant and event planner for groups of 200+. I enjoyed it but then life happened! I had a family and my priorities changed. I was working and hustling as a busy professional. As you can imagine, trying to juggle this with my parenting responsibilities quickly caught up with me. My husband and I took steps to push the pause button and re-evaluate our home life. We decided a change had to be made in order for us to manage our daily lives. 12 hour + days working was just not working for our family. So I left the corporate world and stayed home to be with my kids.

Around the same time, we purchased our dream home only to have to turn around and sell it 10 months later. My husband had an international job transfer and we decided to take a chance on it and uproot our little family. This was the scariest thing we’ve ever done, but on a leap of faith, we did it. It was one of the best experiences of our lives and we will be forever grateful for the opportunity. This experience further confirmed to me what home is and why it’s so important. When you’re 5000 kilometres away, you come to realize that home is where your heart is and it pulls you back to your beginnings. When we did return, we came back to our small town community so our kids could reconnect with friends and family. Once back home, I dove into real estate. There was no real epiphany, it was just a natural fit. We owned a cottage and were fixing that up, we’d experienced an extensive move twice, there and back and I already had my staging certification. The transition to realtor was a no-brainer. And I haven’t looked back. I believe that home should be a safe place and a sanctuary that no matter what is going on in the world, that at the end of a busy day this is the place you want to be above all else. You work so hard every day and have achieved so much to this point and now it’s your turn to reap the rewards of all your hard work. I’m happy to be your guide along the way! A new beginning is just around the corner!!

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